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    GuangZhou Computer Service Center
    Tel: 86-20-23355363 / 84119847
            86-20-84294252 / 84119848
    Fax: 020-84119848
    ADD: No.375 Xingang Road,Haizhu,Guangzhou,China
    Guangzhou Computer Service Center is a ten years old brand which be created by technical and professional services to build the heart of IT outsourcing services from GuangZhou Qianlong Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.. GuangZhou Qianlong was a department from Institute of China Electronics Technology Group VII, get as a backup from R & D Institute of Communications,since its inception has been to force in Guangzhou IT outsourcing services and projects focusing on integrated network of company. The company now has a network of system integration project department [More]

        IT Outsourcing             Computer Maintenance         Computer Repair           Network Maintenance        IT Procurement

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